Tips for Repotting a Peace Lily

Gather Your Supplies

Before you get started, make sure you have everything you need. You will need a new pot that is only slightly larger than the one your plant is currently in, potting soil, a watering can, and a pair of gloves. Once you have everything, you can begin repotting your peace lily.

Prepare The New Pot

Choose a pot that is only slightly larger than the current pot. If the pot is too large, the roots will not be able to properly support the plant and it will become Potbound. If you are unsure of what size to choose, it is better to err on the side of a pot that is too small. You can always upgrade to a larger pot later if needed.

Fill the bottom of the new pot with fresh potting soil. This will give the roots something to grip onto as they grow. Gently loosen the roots around the edges and bottom of the current pot. This will help encourage new growth.

How to Repot Peace Lily

Before you start repotting, water your plant well so the roots will be hydrated. Next, remove the plant from its current pot and shake off any excess dirt. You may need to lightly rinse the roots if they are especially compacted.

Inspect The Lily’s Roots

It’s best to inspect the lily’s roots every spring to make sure they are healthy and have not become pot-bound. Gently remove the plant from its pot and examine the roots. If they are matted or tangled, it’s time for a new pot. If the roots are healthy, gently tease them apart and replant in the same pot using fresh potting mix.

Trim The Lily’s Roots

Before replanting, it’s a good idea to trim the lily’s roots. This will help it fit better in its new pot and encourage new growth. Use sharp, clean shears and make sure to remove any damaged or dead roots.

Place The Lily in The New Pot

Now that you have all of your supplies, it is time to start repotting your peace lily. The first step is to remove the plant from its current pot. Gently grab the base of the plant and pull it up and out. If the plant is rootbound, (the roots are matted and growing in a tight circle), you may need to use a sharp knife to cut through the roots.

Next, place the lily in the new pot. The best way to do this is to put the plant in the pot and then add or remove soil until the plant is at the correct height. The top of the root ball should be even with or slightly below the rim of the pot.

Once the plant is in place, it is time to add soil. Use a high quality potting mix that is rich in organic matter. Peace lilies prefer soil that is on the acidic side, so if you are using a general purpose potting mix, you may want to mix in some peat moss or compost.

Fill in around the root ball, tamping down as you go. When you have added enough soil, water well to help settle things into place. Be sure not to drown your plant – peace lilies like moist soils but they will not tolerate sitting in water.

Fill The Pot With Soil

The best time to repot a peace lily is in the spring, when the plant is beginning to actively grow. Use a pot that is only slightly larger than the current pot, and fill it with well-drained potting mix. Be sure to use a pots with drainage holes in the bottom.

Water The Lily

Give the plant a good watering a few days before you plan to repot. This will help to hydrate the roots and make them more pliable. It will also help to reduce any stress on the plant during the repotting process.

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